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Hey! [10 Feb 2014|09:29am]

Hi everyone!
I'm a big fan of Asia. I found a great russian speaking community about Japan.
People who are really fascinated with modern japanese lifestyle will be totally satisfied with the content of this community.
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I'm selling... [14 Nov 2011|07:19pm]

I'm selling the CD: Art of Life, price 30€!
Thank you!
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sale post [22 Oct 2011|01:51pm]

I'm selling a few rare VHS of X Japan.

Please have a look here:
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London show review [06 Jul 2011|11:18am]

Hey everyone,

There's a review of the London show with quite a few pictures here

I went to this show and it was really  amazing... anyone else here go?


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Interview with Yoshiki [26 Jun 2011|05:12pm]

Just a few days ago Yoshiki took the time to give an interview for the german homepage www.akataiyou-no-nihon.com.

There are still a few days left until the start of X Japan's world tour and the release of the new Single "Jade".

Please read about Yoshikis thoughts these days...


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X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in YOKOHAMA Cho Kyoko Toppa Nanakorobi Yaoki -Sekai e Mukatte- Manatsu no Yo [24 Sep 2010|07:56pm]

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x fan package~ [14 Sep 2010|06:23pm]

 exclusive videos :) http://jrockrevolution.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1591
anndddddd fan package :D.  http://www.destination-japan.com/djapan_enews_september2010_xjapanfanpkg/tabid/299/Default.aspx
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Ra:IN Fanmap [29 Aug 2010|07:42am]

Not sure how relevant this is, but hey, they do share a guitarist so...

Anyways, I made a fanmap for Ra:In so we can show these guys how many people love them!

How to use: Click on map several times to zoom in, once you get "close enough" to where you live, put in your name and a comment for Ra:IN! (Or you can type your address in the bar at the top, but my ways more fun!:) And then spread the word so other Ra:IN fans know about this, too!

If you are having trouble posting to the fanmap, please leave leave me a comment with the following information and I'll post it for you.
Link: (optional)
Photo (JPG only): (optional)
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Yoshiki support flashmob on twitter [26 Aug 2010|03:04pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello x-freaks!

As lately Yoshiki is pressed by many troubles and problems and yesterday he’d written directly on his twitter about his feelings, we’ve decided to make a flashmob on twitter in order to support Yoshiki and to raise his spirits.
We suggest writing these lines (this are changed lines from “ROSA” lyrics):

@YoshikiOfficial We will wipe your tears if we are the rain, We will dry your face if we are the wind...#fans2Yoshiki

Besides, in order to attract visually his attention to our message, for all flashmob’s participants it is suggested (according to your choice) to use the same avatar –

If you’d like to insert your own positive picture in your tweet with the text, you are free to do it as well.

Flashmob will start on Friday, 27.08.2010, at
8:00 a.m. (Tokyo time)
3:00 a.m. (Moscow time)
1:00 a.m. (Paris time)
16:00 p.m. (Los-Angeles time).

We will be happy if you join us. Let's support Yoshiki together!

Best regards,
Russian X community.


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x japan screencaps [21 Jun 2010|01:45pm]

remember last x japan screencaps that can be found here.
so anyway you can download it here .rar
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x japan disc one - screencaps [16 Jun 2010|12:31pm]

first time posting,
i dont know if these are allowed or no.
it was x japan live show at Hong Kong on 6th january 09. Bought the dvds, and here are the screencaps. Enjoy!

click here
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hide and X Japan merchandise for sale! [13 Jun 2010|01:20pm]

Hey all!
I'm selling a bunch of hide merchandise on eBay.


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Selling X Japan and hide Merchandise [30 May 2010|04:05pm]

among many other things, I'm selling some Tokyo Dome lives 2009 merchandise and hide memorial summit stuff.

Over here at my journal.
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3 hide plushies for sale [29 May 2010|10:36pm]

3 hide plushies for sale, for anyone who's interested :)


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X JAPAN - Trivia on "WITHOUT YOU" [06 May 2010|06:07pm]

It has been 12 years since hide has made his way to heaven on May 2nd. It's moments like these that you realize how quickly time is eventually moving on.
These days there are a lot of people who admire hide and have started making music, because of him. Chasing after the dream he pursued, they are now standing on stage attracting the attention of many. ^^
This is where we will be starting off with our "Artist Trivia Corner" in May.

In this corner we will present you various little facts about different artists, most (die-hard) fans have probably heard about! Please look forward to which artists we will feature each month!

Check the 1st act out right now!
First Act: X JAPAN - Trivia on "WITHOUT YOU"

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X JAPAN on JRock Band? [30 Mar 2010|10:29pm]


What Jrock artists do you want to see on Rock Band? X JAPAN? We're leaving it up to YOU, the fans, to tell US who you think ought to be in! Cast your vote today!
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[20 Feb 2010|04:03pm]

【ENG SUB】HIDE TALK+Beauty and Stupid studio live 1996

welcome to download it~

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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus Part II!! [02 Feb 2010|07:43pm]

Latest Updates:

Chapter 1: If X JAPAN was only trying to recreate the days when hide-san had been alive, they wouldn't have needed me.

Chapter 2: It's a 'JUNO Dojo', an ideal training ground. But it's like a family too.

Chapter 3: When I first heard 'MESSIAH', I thought "This is it! This is 'MESSIAH'!" The song was my savior that led me towards the next step.

Chapter 2:JUNO REACTOR and Activities Overseas

----In April, September, October and December you toured around various cities all over the world with JUNO REACTOR. How do you view the concerts performed with the group?

SUGIZO:When touring with JUNO, the venues we visit don't always have all the equipment you need. You have to bring your own instruments, and you go to each stop across the globe on your own. You've got to do tours without help from other people, just like I used to do many times in my early years. But because of that you get to interact directly with the fans, and in that sense it is very significant. You get to experience the most basic things that you usually don't encounter after performing on the frontlines for 20 years. You are able to keep it real and remember your roots. For that I'm very grateful.

Continue to read...
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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus [26 Jan 2010|05:25pm]

■SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus
"We Are the Ones that Can Bring the World Together Through Music"

In December 2009 with just days to go until the end of the year, we sat down with SUGIZO for an interview at an undisclosed location in Tokyo.
SUGIZO was planning to fly to California right after New Year's Day. This was because the filming of a new X JAPAN music video was going to take place there on January 9th 2010.

Although he had a very tight schedule, SUGIZO managed to make some time for an interview with musicJAPANplus.

Occasionally smiling, SUGIZO took a serious look back at 2009.

He revealed that he had thought long and hard when considering joining X JAPAN as an official member.

He also talked about performing as a member of 'Juno Reactor'. He characterized the group as being both an ideal training ground and a 'family'.

In addition he discussed the new single he had released in November,

and the subsequent tour titled 'SUGIZO GIG 2009 NEXT PHASE OF COSMIC DANCE'. He talked in detail about how he had funneled his dreams and love into the tour in his own unique way...

Everything about SUGIZO's 2009 can be found here.

Contents are here.


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PROJECT Toshi: Show your Support [25 Jan 2010|07:04am]


If you know the forum X Radical Dreamers, they are setting up a project to support Toshi!

The main idea: (copied from the forum)
"My idea, up to now, is making something like an album, which will hold all our handwritten letters, not via e-mail, since I believe when someone takes the time to write all of this by your own fist, it takes with it all your effort, your love, and your caring, wishing him the best. Drawings or pictures of you with you official merchandise of his solo career stuff, X's or both are a good idea too, but they're entirely OPTIONAL. "

I think it's a great initiative, and we should all help! The more contributions there are, the more succes this will have!


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