JULIPER - keyboard player of ASSIA (greeding_ruler) wrote in x_forever,
JULIPER - keyboard player of ASSIA

PROJECT Toshi: Show your Support

If you know the forum X Radical Dreamers, they are setting up a project to support Toshi!

The main idea: (copied from the forum)
"My idea, up to now, is making something like an album, which will hold all our handwritten letters, not via e-mail, since I believe when someone takes the time to write all of this by your own fist, it takes with it all your effort, your love, and your caring, wishing him the best. Drawings or pictures of you with you official merchandise of his solo career stuff, X's or both are a good idea too, but they're entirely OPTIONAL. "

I think it's a great initiative, and we should all help! The more contributions there are, the more succes this will have!


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