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SUGIZO First Interview with musicJAPANplus Part II!!

Latest Updates:

Chapter 1: If X JAPAN was only trying to recreate the days when hide-san had been alive, they wouldn't have needed me.

Chapter 2: It's a 'JUNO Dojo', an ideal training ground. But it's like a family too.

Chapter 3: When I first heard 'MESSIAH', I thought "This is it! This is 'MESSIAH'!" The song was my savior that led me towards the next step.

Chapter 2:JUNO REACTOR and Activities Overseas

----In April, September, October and December you toured around various cities all over the world with JUNO REACTOR. How do you view the concerts performed with the group?

SUGIZO:When touring with JUNO, the venues we visit don't always have all the equipment you need. You have to bring your own instruments, and you go to each stop across the globe on your own. You've got to do tours without help from other people, just like I used to do many times in my early years. But because of that you get to interact directly with the fans, and in that sense it is very significant. You get to experience the most basic things that you usually don't encounter after performing on the frontlines for 20 years. You are able to keep it real and remember your roots. For that I'm very grateful.

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