The Drive-By Snarker (phuqqit) wrote in x_forever,
The Drive-By Snarker

Ra:IN Fanmap

Not sure how relevant this is, but hey, they do share a guitarist so...

Anyways, I made a fanmap for Ra:In so we can show these guys how many people love them!

How to use: Click on map several times to zoom in, once you get "close enough" to where you live, put in your name and a comment for Ra:IN! (Or you can type your address in the bar at the top, but my ways more fun!:) And then spread the word so other Ra:IN fans know about this, too!

If you are having trouble posting to the fanmap, please leave leave me a comment with the following information and I'll post it for you.
Link: (optional)
Photo (JPG only): (optional)
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